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"Found in a scrap heap on the moon of endor, european bastard robot mikE has received world acclaim in the field of logomachy" -- battleflash

Mike Rigby is 26 years old. Based in the UK, he enjoys spending time with his rather wonderful girlfriend Joanne, working with computers, watching strange films, socialising in the many pubs of Oxford and "Johnny Hillwalker's Johnny Hill Walking." His favourite drink is Bacardi & Coke, and, if forced to sit at a dining table, he's most happy eating Japanese sushi and sashimi. Mike enjoys visiting new countries, but not travelling there. He's visited most of Europe, and other more exotic locations around the world. He recently returned from living in Germany for a year and a half, and then promptly left for a holiday in France. Living in Germany wasn't exciting enough for Mike, so he flew to Japan and then Hong Kong for a christmas holiday. Consequently, he is now quite broke.

"Mike makes flash"

Mike has an MPhys degree in Physics from Oxford university, and is currently looking for a job. His CV is here as html and here as msdoc. He designed this website, after learning the necessary basic html, php, mysql & css in a drunken evening. He is most happy when creating and designing flash, but for practical reasons, has avoided depending on it for this site (the extra processor overhead it generates switches his noisy laptop fan on). Mike is glad to incorporate physics into his flash, and has indeed done so, but is at a loss to find a use for the particle physics he's studying in his phd.

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"Mike does not fish"

Mike lives in Oxford. He spent the first 18 years of his life growing up in Manchester, and then moved to Oxford to complete a 4 year MPhys degree in physics at Keble College, Oxford University. He promptly began a phd in particle physics, and, a year later, moved to Hamburg in Germany to be closer to the experiment he was working on. Hamburg hosts the international science facility DESY. Mike worked on the house-sized ZEUS detector, a collision focus for subatomic particles accelerated by the 6.5km long HERA ring accelerator. He's now back in the UK, living in North Oxford, home to such wonders as the Phoenix cinema, and a cocktail serving converted church called Freuds.

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