chuckyb - degenerate

"Found in the jungles of Katanga, living on a diet of berries and monkey poo, chuckyb's faintly retarded antics have received appreciation in mental hospitals the world around" -- battleflash

Chuckyb is 21 years old, and based in the UK. He enjoys children's birthday parties, dressing up to put on shows for his mum & dad and "fancy dancing"

"Chuckyb is commanding a jihad against God himself"

Chuckyb recently graduated from Durham University with a 1st in geography. His CV can be found here. Multitalented Chuckyb is also a creator of flash, notable exceptions to his talent being blueflash which everyone agrees is rubbish.

Chuckyb has difficulty performing simple tasks

The depressing mining town of Ashton-under-Lyne

"Chuckyb is besotted by shiny things"

Chuckyb lives in an abandoned mine shaft in the depressing ghost town of Ashton-under-Lyne. Years of living underground have made Chuckyb what he is today.

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