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Shock.jpg Shock.jpg Me being shocked by something. I forget what nowmikE2002-06-01
Spy Coffee Spy Coffee I bought a l'espion digital camera, and took a few secret photos. They didn't even know I was taking them. Great funmikE2002-03-05
Spy Coffee 2 Spy Coffee 2 Another spy camera shotmikE2002-03-05
Spy Coffee 3 Spy Coffee 3 By this point, John Lozides had sussed out what I was doingmikE2002-03-05
James Ferrando James Ferrando This is Jake Fernandez, the famous scouring pan detective. I took this photo with the l'espion. He thought that it was merely a toy, and was not expecting this photo to appear. A rare shot of the master spy himselfmikE2002-03-04
Afro Matt Afro Matt Matt Lightwood of Zeus as a black manmikE2002-02-07
Asian Matt Asian Matt Matt Lightwood of Zeus as an asian manmikE2002-02-07
Child Matt Child Matt Matt Lightwood of Zeus as a childmikE2002-02-07
Old Man Matt Old Man Matt Matt Lightwood of Zeus as an old manmikE2002-02-07
Ben West Ben West Ben West of ZeusmikE2002-01-31
Baby Chuckyb Baby Chuckyb Chuckyb on his 1st birthdaymikE2002-01-31
Chris Watts Chris Watts Chris "what's that up his arse?" Watts of Oxford famemikE2002-01-31
Chris Watts 2 Chris Watts 2 Chris Watts doing his day job and peering over his own shoulder porn movie stylemikE2002-01-31
Claire Gwenlan Claire Gwenlan Claire Gwenlan of ZeusmikE2002-01-31
David Bailey David Bailey Dave Bailey of Oxford famemikE2002-01-31
David South David South Dave South of H1mikE2002-01-31
Eileen Heaphy Eileen Heaphy Eileen Heaphy of ZeusmikE2002-01-31
Room Party Room Party My old flat in Germany, with added peoplemikE2002-01-31
Gawain Bosworth Gawain Bosworth Gawain Bosworth is an easy man to photograph. Even a mirror does not fool this complex man, although any rumours of him being a vampire are quelled by this photomikE2002-01-31
Matt H1 Matt H1 Matt of H1mikE2002-01-31
Jo Cole Jo Cole Jo Cole of ZeusmikE2002-01-31
Kelvin Tooth Kelvin Tooth A wooden dog and a kelbv... can you tell the difference?mikE2002-01-31
Knight Rider Knight Rider David Hasselhof popped into the DESY science complex during winter. He very generously gave a photoshoot session. This photo shows me standing next to the great man - one of my proudest momentsmikE2002-01-31
Leo Davidson Leo Davidson His name is Leo DavidsonmikE2002-01-31
Red Leo Red Leo Leo is a funny guy. One day, he walked into my office pulling a funny face...mikE2002-01-31
Mairi Bell Mairi Bell Mairi Bell of ZeusmikE2002-01-31
Mark Sutton Mark Sutton Mark Sutton of ZeusmikE2002-01-31
Mattias Davidsson Mattias Davidsson Mattias Davidsson of H1mikE2002-01-31
Matt Lightwood Matt Lightwood Matt Lightwood of ZeusmikE2002-01-31
Bacardi Mike Bacardi Mike Bacardi and Coke - God's liquid gift to mankindmikE2002-01-31
Monkeys Monkeys Ben West, David South, Paul Laycock, Steward Boogert - all from DESYmikE2002-01-31
Oxford Germany Oxford Germany The Oxford office in HamburgmikE2002-01-31
Paul Laycock Paul Laycock Paul Laycock of H1mikE2002-01-31
Flower Seller Flower Seller The Germans employ robots to sell flowers in all of their major cities. They also function as government spies, to keep the population under observationmikE2002-01-31
Stephen Robins Stephen Robins "Crippled" or "Big" Stephen Robins of Zeus celebratesmikE2002-01-31
Steven Hanlon Steven Hanlon This is "Little" Steve Hanlon of ZeusmikE2002-01-31
Stewart Boogert Stewart Boogert Stewart Boogert of ZeusmikE2002-01-31
Yves Fleming Yves Fleming Yves Fleming of H1mikE2002-01-31
Mike miracle Mike miracle Much like Jesus, I am able to walk on water. Unlike Jesus, I offer proof of such miraculous deedsmikE2001-10-20
Mike Mike ThinkingmikE2001-10-01
Oxford Zeus Oxford Zeus A photo of the Oxford members of Zeus in Hamburg at the timemikE2001-07-01
Spooky Coat Spooky Coat Witness the awesome power of "Spooky Mike"mikE2001-06-06
Mike ghost Mike ghost I spent ten days in November 2000 dead. Here's a photo someone managed to snap of me as I was emerging out of my non-corporeal statemikE2000-11-16
Mike pub Mike pub Mike in a pubmikE2000-10-17
Wax works Wax works My sister found an exact likeness of me at the local waxworks museum and had this photo taken of her standing next to my mimicmikE2000-10-12
Nuclear Mike Nuclear Mike NicolamikE2000-08-30
Charles madness Charles madness Extracting the stone of madness from Charles's headmikE2000-08-14

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